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ooc contact post. [31 Dec 2026|06:40pm]

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oo1. february 23rd. [23 Feb 2017|10:19pm]
[ insert about 10 photographs of three small children ranging from age 2 to 7, being. uh. children. they're really cute? that's about it. people close to the lupins will recognize them teddy and victoire's three children. ]

Y'know, I try to avoid being that parent who shoves their kids' pictures in everyone's faces saying "look how cute my kids are!", but: look how cute my kids are.

Anyway. I really did have a purpose when I opened this thing. Honestly, I always feel a bit like a tween girl when I open this to actually write in? "Teddy, you've never been a tween girl," you might say, and you'd be wrong. Not recently, mind you, and I can't say that I've ever had the full experience, but. I'm certain the evidence exists in some forgotten photo album from my school days.

But does anyone feel like that? Like these things could be filled with some interesting things, but instead we just say things like "Oh, I had a sandwich today and can't find my house keys". Because, I had a sandwich today and can't find my house keys. Don't tell my wife, but they've been missing for a month. No clue where they went. Pray for me that she doesn't read this big paragraph. Also, if you work at the Ministry of Magic, keep an eye out for a set of keys with a cutesy beaded keychain that says "dad" with little flower beads because if Aurelie finds out I lost it, she'll be scarier than my wife. Thanks.

Okay, I think I wasted enough time avoiding doing paperwork. Kids, don't become an Auror if you expect it to be super exciting 100% of the time. My biggest excitement this week was a free doughnut. It didn't even have sprinkles.

february bingo. [31 Jan 2017|09:47pm]
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[31 Dec 2016|12:08am]
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